Made in Italy

We’ve been taking care of the Italian smile since 1905

Pasta del Capitano was born in 1905 in the pharmacy of the Ciccarelli family and represented a real revolution in daily oral hygiene. A toothpaste and not powder, an innovative product researched according to specific formulations made with care, pharmaceutical rigor and with an all-Italian passion, synonymous with quality and value. A value that has remained constant to these days.

Made in Italy Pasta del Capitano


Innovation, quality and research are our most important values

Over the years the Pasta del Capitano products have evolved to respond to changing habits in the field of oral hygiene, yet they have always been consistent with the mission to give the best possible product quality, innovation, research and transparency. Features that distinguish a unique and reliable brand.


Innovative solutions that ensure safe oral hygiene for the whole family

Pasta del Capitano Toothpastes offer formulations that are particularly attentive to safety in the field of oral hygiene, such as zinc-based molecule, exclusively patented Sulfetal Zn®. This innovative solution has allowed us to eliminate Triclosan, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens and preservatives with formaldehyde. All toothpastes contain Certified Organic Peppermint, a precious ingredient of natural origin, which guarantees safe oral hygiene for the whole family.


Specific formulations to meet different consumer needs

Constant research and the introduction of active and targeted ingredients have enabled the development of specific formulations which are able to respond to every need. The new Pasta del Capitano formulas have an innovative approach which aims to give the best results, uphold promises and guarantee the performance of the individual products.