Does the whitening toothpaste increase sensitivity?

Thanks to the presence of Eureco HC® in its formula, Pasta del Capitano Ox-Active® Whitening releases Active Oxygen with a whitening and anti-plaque action and does not increase teeth sensitivity.

What are the main causes of gum irritation?

The progressive accumulation of bacterial plaque between teeth and gums, due to inadequate oral hygiene may cause gum irritation; this, if neglected, can involve deeper tissue and can develop into periodontitis. For the maintenance of gum health, it is therefore essential to follow a proper daily oral hygiene that helps to avoid the formation of plaque and tartar. Pasta del Capitano Gum Protection toothpaste is specially designed to protect and provide relief for irritated and sensitive gums.

Is fluoride harmful to health?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay by slowing down the destruction of dental enamel and encouraging at the same time its remineralization. Therefore, fluoride is added to toothpastes to provide protection against tooth decay. It protects and strengthens teeth against acid attacks. The use of fluoride has been permitted for decades by European Regulations which are constantly monitored by the committee of independent experts SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety).

What is the Sulfetal Zn®?

SULFETAL Zn® (ZINC COCO SULFATE) is an exclusive patented molecule that combines the antibacterial activities of zinc with the cleaning activity of the surfactant chain from coconut oil. All Pasta del Capitano Toothpastes have Sulfetal Zn® based formulations which slow the growth of bacterial plaque and protects the mouth, leaving a gentle sensation of freshness.

How do I choose the right toothpaste for me?

In the case of particular problems, just opt ​​for one of the 5 Specialist Pasta del Capitano Toothpastes: Whitening, Total Protection, Fresh Breath, Sensitive Teeth and Gum Protection. They are researched solutions designed to meet specific consumer needs. For the daily care, however, our toothpastes Pasta del Capitano Plaque & Cavities or Pasta del Capitano Antitartar can be used, according to your preferences.

How many times a day is it recommended to brush your teeth?

Brushing teeth after every meal is important to remove food debris and bacteria and thus prevent the occurrence of plaque and tartar. Therefore, you should brush your teeth at least three times a day.

I am a smoker, what is the most appropriate toothpaste for me?

Smoking can cause yellowing of the teeth, increased formation of tartar and bad breath. Pasta del Capitano Antitartar toothpaste is the ideal toothpaste for smokers. It helps prevent the formation of tartar, freshen breath and maintain the natural whiteness of teeth.

Is it important to take care of oral hygiene even outside the home?

Proper daily oral hygiene is always important, so brushing your teeth after every meal even outside your home is important. The Pasta del Capitano Travel Kit is ideal for a proper oral hygiene which is always within reach: while traveling, at school or at work.

What can cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is due to the exposure of dentin, a physiologically sensitive supporting structure, because it contains tubules that contain nerve fibers. Dentin is normally covered by enamel and the gum, therefore it is not in contact with the oral environment. Due to abrasive traumatic factors (incorrect brushing), erosion (acidic substances in contact with the teeth) or disease (periodontal disease), dentin is no longer covered by enamel, or the gum at root level, and responds with pain in various types of stimuli (thermal, chemical and tactile). Pasta del Capitano Sensitive Teeth is the specific answer for tooth sensitivity due to the presence of Kalident®, an active ingredient which helps protect against tooth demineralization and potassium nitrate, a desensitizing substance.

What action can be taken with the problem of halitosis?

Halitosis or bad breath is a phenomenon associated with an alteration of normal oral bacterial flora that grows mainly in dental plaque, the gums and tongue. Substances that give the typical bad smell of halitosis are sulfur compounds which originate from food residues, a target for the bacteria in the plaque. You can keep your breath fresh by avoiding certain types of food and refraining from smoking, but the most important measure to be taken is choosing the right products and maintaining proper daily oral hygiene. Pasta del Capitano Fresh Breath is a great ally to combat the problems of halitosis due to the presence of lactate and Zinc Citrate and Parsley and Basil extracts in the formula which help prevent plaque and neutralize bad odors.

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