The best protection for your smile

Pasta del Capitano, which has always been the equivalent of Made in Italy safety and quality, now offers more eco-sustainable products: the new tube is in PBL, made of aluminum-free plastic, therefore completely recyclable. A package solution respecting the environment with specific formulations to meet the different needs of oral hygiene.

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Complete your daily hygiene everyday

Proper oral hygiene can be said to be truly complete also thanks to the daily use of Pasta del Capitano Mouthwashes, available in variants Antiplaque, Protected gums and teeth, Whitening and Sensitive Teeth.

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Deep cleaning of the oral cavity

Pasta del Capitano, with its three specific lines of Toothbrushes, responds effectively to different oral care needs: Whitening line for brilliant white teeth, Complete line for a deep cleaning of the oral cavity and Family line ideal for the whole family.

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Our lines dedicated to children

Pasta del Capitano has dedicated a complete range of products to children, specifically created to meet their needs in two development stages: childhood and early school years. Without parabens, without triclosan, without formaldehyde donors preservatives.

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Other products

Our products always within reach

Pasta del Capitano truly thinks about everything and completes the offer of specific products for oral hygiene with a Fresh Anti Halitosis Spray and a Travel Kit to be kept at hand’s reach in any situation.

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Chewing Gum

Freshness in every moment

The Pasta del Capitano sugar-free Chewing Gum, with Fluorine and Xylitol, supports optimal oral hygiene, even when you do not have the possibility to use a toothbrush: a fresh and clean mouth in every moment of the day.

Electric products

The complete line of electric products

The two souls of Pasta del Capitano united in this complete collection of electric products for oral hygiene.

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Electrical products